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HELP WANTED!! Shop Assistant and a Tech for Concord

Left Coast Diesel is looking for a couple of folks to join our Concord, CA team.   We need a Shop Assistant/ JR. Tech to handle oil changes, brakes, inspections and help out with keeping the shop clean.  The ideal candidate will be a diesel enthusiast and have an appetite for learning about diesel repair, […]

UhOh! DMAX Needs A Turbo!

This 350k Repo truck needs a turbo bad.  Watch it push itself apart when revved!

Does Your Duramax Smoke At Idle? You Probably Need Injectors

This is a customer’s 2002 that he brought in because he thought it might need injectors.  Let us know what you think! (THIS IS AN EXTREME EXAMPLE!!) LB7 powered (through 2004 Duramax) Chevys and GMCs all suffer from injector failure at some point in their service life.  Many fail as early as 50k miles.  GM […]