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Dodge Ram DEATH WOBBLE?? What’s that??

Since the release of the 1994 Dodge Ram through the current generation of Rams, there have always been concerns with the dreaded Death Wobble. WHAT IS DEATH WOBBLE?  It is basically a violent shaking of the front that can only be stopped by literally slowing the vehicle down to a stop.  The most frequent situation […]

Left Coast Diesel Takes Care Of Your Diesel Ride!

Left Coast Diesel offers all of the standard maintenance and repair services for Cummins, PowerStroke, and Duramax Diesels.  We also provide packages to deliver increased Diesel mileage. Services include oil changes, factory-recommended 30k, 60k, 90k and beyond services, aftermarket accessory installation, and dyno testing on our Load Cell Dynomometer. Have a fleet account? Give us […]