Diesel Transmissions

Having a high performance Diesel engine in your truck for towing heavy loads up mountain passes, or for going fast at the drag strip, won’t do you a bit of good unless you have the drive train and transmission to get that power to the ground.

Left Coast Diesel builds high performance transmissions to compliment all that massive torque your diesel puts out. We build Heavy Duty Transmissions for Towing, and High Performance Transmissions for Racing and going fast.

We use the very best parts and upgrades from Goerend and Suncoast to handle that diesel power. And we are official Goerend Recommended High Performance Transmission Builders and Installers.

Auto Transmission Fluid & Filter Changes
Heavy Duty Triple Disc Torque Converters
Transmission Cooling Deep Pan Installation
Billet Input and Output Shafts for extreme towing and loads
High Pressure Valve Body with solenoids from Goerend
Billet Flex Plates
Insert Flex Plates

Does your transmission suffer from shudder, slipping or terrible shift points? Give us a call or come by for an evaluation and estimate for getting your power to the wheels.