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Welcome to Left Coast Diesel, your northern California Leader in diesel services, repairs and maintenance.  Over the last 13 years of quality work our vision and what we are here to achieve for our customers has always been to help keep and make their rig dependable and on the road.  In years past, the diesel market was heavily involved in aftermarket accessories that were build around fuel mileage and more horsepower.  While these products offered much immediate gratification on older vehicles, we have seen over time that maxing out many of the factory components(I.E. Turbo and injectors) the truck starts to see repairs sooner than vehicles that have remained stock throughout their lives. 

Diesel Emissions

In today’s changing emissions world, Left Coast Diesel has become the leader in dealing with carbon emissions build up, the causes and effects of EGR components and maintaining customer vehicles through our state of the art EGR cleaning tools and knowledge about the functions and ways to keep these moving pieces in perfect working order for up to 100% longer than customers experience without Left Coast Diesel’s recommend service plan. We are seeing turbos get clogged with carbon from dirty systems and these EGR cleanings do not only improve fuel mileage but will help preserve the life of these turbo equipped with factory exhaust brakes and actuators. Turbo repairs can range anywhere from 5000-8000 depending on the variety for a new turbo installed; CLEAN YOUR EGR, DON’T DELETE IT).

Diesel Fleet Services

Fleet services are also welcome and offered on all 2500-5500 service class trucks and through these fleet account it has allowed us to fully test and improve the way these newer trucks run and see far fewer repairs over the life of the truck. Quality lubricants is obviously a part of the scheme with Left Coast Diesel being your local Amsoil dealer bringing top class synthetic lubricants to our customer service regimens. 

Left Coast Diesel’s 30k Service

Left Coast Diesel’s “30k” service: While the dealer has a scheduled service regimen for all 2500+ trucks, the recommended inspection of differentials and transmission fluids is an “inspection” and replace upon inspection (you tell me if the oil is broken down or not by smelling your pinky). These recommended inspections are based on normal driving styles and non stress situations, if you are towing, hauling, have anything heavy in your bed on a regular basis, you can kick this recommendation to the curb.  The fluids at this point have gone through high heat cycles and need to be replaced if you don’t want to look forward to 6-8000 dollar transmission builds, 1500-3000 dollar rear end rebuilds and being down from being on the job(the worst part).

EGR Cleaning

EGR Cleaning
Soot clogging up the grid heater.

The emissions equipment for years has been ridiculed and deleted across the country.  Not only is this illegal but makes repairs and diagnosis’ hard and even impossible.  For years Left Coast Diesel has looked to improve the functions and reliability more importantly through services and basic maintenance we have been able to achieve far more miles out of components that fail on newer 4th gen Dodge’s by almost double such as turbos, egr valves, egr coolers and injectors, all major expenses. 

EGR Cloggage

While the system is engineered to clean itself, often or not this is not enough to fully clear the system of carbon build up. The carbon build-up makes the system work harder with the immediate results of poor fuel economy and less power under load.  When carbon build up gets the point of clogging a sensor, clogging an egr valve, not allowing the truck to breathe the way it wants and throws a check engine light for these symptoms, often which could have been avoided by a scheduled EGR system clean every 30k. 

EGR Filth
Intake manifold and grid heater clogged up with soot.

Can a tuner improve these functions?

The immediate answer is yes with improved fuel economy and power with most tuners.  While this is great in the early stages, these tuners are preventing the truck from cleaning out your exhaust system as much as it should (how it gets better fuel economy) and is stressing out the injectors, turbo and fuel system by maxing out the capabilities of these components.  Our recommendation on all emissions related trucks is to leave them stock, while selling more products is great, we would much rather see customers invest that 5-700 dollars on services to prevent these expensive failures than make 30-50 dollars on a tuner that will leave the customer stranded. 

Lubricants and Filters

This topic is one that each and every owner can, and will debate.  Some owners are at one far spectrum of, “I want to spend the least amount possible.”.  While the owner on the other side will go to any length to watch Amsoil or Redline being poured into their trucks to ensure their getting the proper fluids. 

The products that we have supplied including filters have changed over the years depending on who can offer the best product at the best price while we have always offered a premium line, we rarely will even offer a lower quality option unless asked for.  Our baseline services start with Amsoil fluids as we are the Bay Area Amsoil Diesel dealer with factory line filters.  These full synthetics are top of the line and still produced in America.  Previously we had supplied Hastings filters for all makes but have transitioned to Factory OEM filters due to covid restrictions on availability. 

Full synthetic VS. conventional oils:

Many customers ask should I run synthetic fluids, the answer most of the time is no.  Running a premium conventional oil in most trucks is not only recommended by the dealer but offers more protection due to the thicker viscosity of the oil itself.  Going back and forth between synthetic and conventional is also something that needs to be avoided.  

Archoil Friction Modifier for Diesel Engines

Archoil Friction Modifier for Diesel Engines

We have had several High End oil companies come into our shop and perform bearing stress tests to compare their oils to ours, which leads to our last point; ARCHOIL.  Archoil is a friction modifier that is added to all of our conventional oil changes that give our conventional oil the protective properties of a full synthetic that can cost up to 20 dollars a quart.  This product reduces injector stiction in 6.0L’s, 7.3’s and can help clear oil coolers and add a lubricating property that will keep internal parts alive for up to 50% longer life.  WE DON’T EVEN GIVE CUSTOMERS A CHOICE ANYMORE.  

LCD / Archoil Friction Modifier Provides

  • Increases power and response in Diesel Engines
  • Reduces friction and provides anti-wear, extreme pressure and anti-corrosion protection
  • Reduces diesel engine noise and vibration
  • Protects diesel engines during cold starts
  • Cleans and prevents sludge/varnish deposits
  • Extends oil drain intervals
  • Fixes HEUI injector problems (Power Stroke and others)

Transmission Repairs and Upgrades

For years we have serviced Ford, Gm and Dodge transmissions.  Some are good, some are great and some are paperweights.  We all know this and we have tried to tackle these issues since the day we walked in the door.  Once again to reiterate our front page 30k service bulletin, PERFORM a transmission service and filter change every 30k miles.  This very important step one will save you thousands of dollars and repairs in the immediate future. 

Dodge Transmissions: 

47re/48re and 68re’s all have their opportunity, the newer 68re’s are far better than the previous generations and far outlast their predecessors.  The 47/48’s will forever have valve body and torque converter issues which can be improved through aftermarket upgrades which we now outsource to companies such as BD Diesel or Suncoast. The 68re’s have a separate Transmission Control module(TCM) which if the truck is left stock will save our transmission over and over.  This module will monitor line pressure inside the valve body at real time and if it sees max pressure will literally limit power from the motor and save the clutches.  ONCE AGAIN, if you have a tuner on your truck it will tell the TCM, not to worry about that and continue to push the trans. KEEP YOUR TRUCK STOCK. 

GM Allison Transmissions:

You have an Allison, you’ve already won in the transmission game.  The only funny business here is whether or not you read the Allison manual or go off of GMs service guide.  Allison will tell you to never touch the internal filter unless the case is opened, GM says do it every 3rd trans service.  We try and adhere to Allison’s service schedule in this case, they’ve done well so far and we trust their input. 

Ford Transmissions:

Throughout the years these transmissions have actually held up whether it’s a 5r110, 4r100 or the newer 8-10 speeds transmission we see behind the newer 6.7L fords.  Once again, perform a full transmission service at 30k and you will be fine, great products so far and we haven’t seen them fail. 

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Left Coast Diesel is the Bay Area‘s premier light diesel service and repair facility. We can handle anything from oil changes to full suspension refreshes or complete re-powers.  LCD was founded by true diesel enthusiasts, we eat, breathe and sleep diesels. Because we own and drive these vehicles everyday, we definitely understand how you use your truck and just how important it is to know it will be fixed right and fixed quickly. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, and we have built our business almost completely on a referral basis.

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