EGR Cleaning

EGR Cleaning
Soot clogging up the grid heater.

The emissions equipment for years has been ridiculed and deleted across the country.  Not only is this illegal but makes repairs and diagnosis’ hard and even impossible.  For years Left Coast Diesel has looked to improve the functions and reliability more importantly through services and basic maintenance we have been able to achieve far more miles out of components that fail on newer 4th gen Dodge’s by almost double such as turbos, egr valves, egr coolers and injectors, all major expenses. 

EGR Cloggage

While the system is engineered to clean itself, often or not this is not enough to fully clear the system of carbon build up. The carbon build-up makes the system work harder with the immediate results of poor fuel economy and less power under load.  When carbon build up gets the point of clogging a sensor, clogging an egr valve, not allowing the truck to breathe the way it wants and throws a check engine light for these symptoms, often which could have been avoided by a scheduled EGR system clean every 30k. 

EGR Filth
Intake manifold and grid heater clogged up with soot.

Can a tuner improve these functions?

The immediate answer is yes with improved fuel economy and power with most tuners.  While this is great in the early stages, these tuners are preventing the truck from cleaning out your exhaust system as much as it should (how it gets better fuel economy) and is stressing out the injectors, turbo and fuel system by maxing out the capabilities of these components.  Our recommendation on all emissions related trucks is to leave them stock, while selling more products is great, we would much rather see customers invest that 5-700 dollars on services to prevent these expensive failures than make 30-50 dollars on a tuner that will leave the customer stranded.