Transmission Repairs and Upgrades

For years we have serviced Ford, Gm and Dodge transmissions.  Some are good, some are great and some are paperweights.  We all know this and we have tried to tackle these issues since the day we walked in the door.  Once again to reiterate our front page 30k service bulletin, PERFORM a transmission service and filter change every 30k miles.  This very important step one will save you thousands of dollars and repairs in the immediate future. 

Dodge Transmissions: 

47re/48re and 68re’s all have their opportunity, the newer 68re’s are far better than the previous generations and far outlast their predecessors.  The 47/48’s will forever have valve body and torque converter issues which can be improved through aftermarket upgrades which we now outsource to companies such as BD Diesel or Suncoast. The 68re’s have a separate Transmission Control module(TCM) which if the truck is left stock will save our transmission over and over.  This module will monitor line pressure inside the valve body at real time and if it sees max pressure will literally limit power from the motor and save the clutches.  ONCE AGAIN, if you have a tuner on your truck it will tell the TCM, not to worry about that and continue to push the trans. KEEP YOUR TRUCK STOCK. 

GM Allison Transmissions:

You have an Allison, you’ve already won in the transmission game.  The only funny business here is whether or not you read the Allison manual or go off of GMs service guide.  Allison will tell you to never touch the internal filter unless the case is opened, GM says do it every 3rd trans service.  We try and adhere to Allison’s service schedule in this case, they’ve done well so far and we trust their input. 

Ford Transmissions:

Throughout the years these transmissions have actually held up whether it’s a 5r110, 4r100 or the newer 8-10 speeds transmission we see behind the newer 6.7L fords.  Once again, perform a full transmission service at 30k and you will be fine, great products so far and we haven’t seen them fail.