Continued Success or service intervals and EGR cleanings…

The success of continued maintenance this past year with return customers has been something else.  We push to keep these trucks running and our efforts to inform customers about the abuse they are putting their rigs through on a daily basis, is truly paying off.  Or 30k service here is an A list scheduled service and is not for everyone and most times we work with customers that are pushing their trucks as hard as some of our traditional blue color customers.  It’s the conversation about the customers workload that is making the difference.  The weekend warrior hauling a travel trailer once a month just isn’t under the same workload that the general contractor hauling the company dump trailer is under and we factor that into what services a truck may need.  

The newer generation turbos and emissions equipment require much more finesse as well as attention when it comes to operations.  These components are finicky at best and need to be addressed often especially when CEL (check engine lights) appear.  These lights are not just a warning, they are indicators that the computer has gather thousands of way points to say that there is in fact an issue.  This means, do not put it off until limp mode occurs.  This can lead to even more costly repairs than just replacing a simple sensor or component.  

Left Coast Diesel carries all the fluids, filters and consumables your diesel truck needs to stay maintained.

It never fails but the first time we see a customer is on a tow truck, they had a CEL on and didn’t have the time or money to worry about it until the truck was in full limp mode.  When these exhaust systems get to that point, it’s a 50/50 shot at best that a repair is as simple as a sensor, manual regen or EGR cleaning.

We have seen the success in this service plan with our fleet accounts, regular customers and new customers that are just leaving the dealer and have never been told that a transmission service, diff service or even that the oil and fuel change algorithms are NOT what you should look at.  Keep the services coming guys, IT WILL PAY OFF.